Velveteen Bones

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Staircase at Children’s 5 by Dave_Adams_Design_Factory 
Hudson River State Hospital on Katherine Caprio
Kings Park Psychiatric Center on Flickr.
Minolta SRT 200 - Kodak Portra 800

Anonymous asked: Hey how do you find abandoned places to explore?

hours of research and word of mouth!

melbourneflickss asked: Where are you based?

northern nj


Awaiting, 2014

by Sascha Nau

(Source: foxmouth, via mental-bits)


(by laura zalenga)also from the Austria meet-up 



Undertaking the task of describing Hari Nef would lead to an exhaustive list of titles they often embody, maybe at once or all at once. Hari Nef can be a student slash artist by day and the Royal Highness by night (more likely all the time). They do everything to a degree you never even knew existed. So consider yourself exceptionally blessed that you even get a slight glimpse into their closet. All hail Hari Nef – actress, the ubiquitous empress. 

If you had to be narrowed down to 140 characters or less, how would you describe yourself?
“i’m an actress”

What has been the most absurd/ interesting/ ridiculous way someone has interpreted your work?

One time this kid messaged me on Facebook like “yeah, I really want to get into this fucked up performance art stuff you’re doing!!” Fucked up? Please!

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Images I shot with Hari for Bib + Tuck

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital on Flickr.