Velveteen Bones

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Anonymous asked: Was there an actual dead body under the linen?

sure looked like a dead body

ratio of losing instagram followers to gaining followers- 2:1.
on the bright side i booked my next tattoo

Clarinda State Hospital on Katherine Caprio
Clarinda State Hospital on Flickr.Straight Jacket in Clarinda State Hospital by Katherine Caprio
i should probably call and get my job back before my bank account disappears but
Joliet Prison on Flickr.Death row cell in Joliet Prison, IL
by Katherine Caprio
Athens Lunatic Asylum on Katherine Caprio
Had to run through this asylum alone in the pitch black to find a fire escape door to let Fred in. Despite being in these places so often I could never be in them alone.

We lie in our beds and our graves Unable to save ourselves From the quaint tragedies we invent and undo From the stupid circumstances we slalomed through I realized that night that the hall light Which seemed so bright when you turned it on Is nothing compared to the dawn which is nothing Compared to the light which seeps from me while you’re sleeping 
- Ani DiFranco, PulseAbandoned tuberculosis sanatorium, South Harz, March 2014.